The Future of Silicone Wristbands

Wearable technology has been theorised in sci-fi films for decades and, as our own technology develops, it’s become quite apparent that the future is now. Regarding silicone wristbands, their usefulness has been noticed and utilised to make life easier.
But how will silicone wristbands help us in the future? Scientists are already investing in these wristbands, ensuring that they can be even more helpful for everyone. Wearable, advanced technology will become more than a sci-fi fantasy!
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How RFID Wristbands Are Great for Events

RFID, or radio-frequency identification, utilises electromagnetic fields in order to be able to identify and track tags automatically. In events, this technology combined with silicone wristbands provides a durable and resistant option for attendees.

In addition, sponsors and companies also benefit from this easy-to-use technology. But what are the benefits of using RFID silicone wristbands for events?

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The Power of the Wristband: Controversial Campaigning

In the world news recently, you may have heard of the case of Abdirhman Abdi and the police officer charged for manslaughter of the man in question. The Ottawa police officers have been purchasing wristbands expressing solidarity with the officer accused. These wristbands bear the words “United we stand, divided we fall” with the number 1998; which is the accused constable Daniel Montsions badge number.

Although an extremely controversial story, this is a notable example of how a small yet powerful act of a wristband can get the conversations started.

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Tips for Successful Charity Marketing Campaigns

Charities often face funding issues that can be correlated with not having efficient marketing campaigns. When devising a strategy that works, you need to understand your audience in order to be able to effectively set up your multi-channel campaign and spread your message.


There are a few easy steps you can take to help ensure your charity’s campaign is successful.


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Top Myths: Charity and Awareness

There are many positive reasons behind donating to charity and raising awareness, but there are also some common myths that may leave some people concerned about where their money goes and what difference it is making. People may question whether raising awareness makes any change and if so, what changed? Let’s separate the fact from the fiction.


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Case Study: Mission Rabies

As a UK based charity, Mission Rabies launched in 2013 to actively work towards fighting rabies in the endemic areas of the world. Their mission is to eradicate what is the world’s deadliest disease by 2030. In order to save lives, Mission Rabies has a programme based on the advice of the World Health Organisation to eliminate the disease.

Through the ‘One Health’ approach, considering the connection that all animals, humans, and the environment have is a big step towards controlling rabies.

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Benefits of Supporting Charity Within a Business

Supporting a charity, as well as being a great cause and helping others out, can benefit you as a business. You can see plenty of positive results, both for the charity and for your business. Whether you just have a money jar in the office or you hold an annual event; it’s goal-orientated and a way to work together to reach a target. And all for a wonderful cause!

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Marketing Gone Wrong: Examples of Bad Marketing

Investing in great marketing can give you a competitive edge; if your marketing efforts are successful… When marketing goes wrong, the results can be hilarious, shocking, upsetting, etc. it is not just important to create a marketing campaign – it is crucial you ensure that your energies are directed at the right things and that you keep your audience in mind when developing those marketing efforts.

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How Silicone Wristbands Changed Charity Marketing

Silicone wristbands never used to be as popular as they are now. In fact, there once was a time that most 20-somethings may remember where wristbands weren’t widespread at all, let alone used in charity fundraising.


So, how did a simple silicone wristband change the face of charity marketing and fundraising? We’ll have to time travel back 13 years to find out!


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Marketing Trends to Look Out for in 2017

New Year, new marketing campaign. That’s usually the mantra of many businesses at the beginning of the year. However, this can quickly fall flat if your marketing campaign is not in line with the marketing trend at the time.
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