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Wear a Wristband for Medical Alert: Protect Yourself

The trend of rubber wristbands first caught on when different charities used them to raise awareness about their cause. It was a great way to gain people’s attention and get them talking about charities that weren’t necessarily in the spotlight. … Continue reading

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Mind Your Silicone Business: Uses for Companies on a Night Out

Silicone wristbands are wonderful things with implications for being applied across a range of potential uses. From good causes, with our charity wristbands, to advertising your business, silicone wristbands are great for raising awareness, as well as offering a funky, … Continue reading

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Silicone Wedding Rings: Nuptial Bands for Active Partners

For many people, their wedding ring is a beautiful reminder of the love that they share with their partner.   However, they can sometimes become incredibly uncomfortable, especially for those couples who are involved in very active lifestyles and the … Continue reading

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