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The Power of the Wristband: Controversial Campaigning

In the world news recently, you may have heard of the case of Abdirhman Abdi and the police officer charged for manslaughter of the man in question. The Ottawa police officers have been purchasing wristbands expressing solidarity with the officer … Continue reading

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Why Offline Marketing Strategies are Still Relevant in our Increasingly Online World

  There’s no denying it: we live in a digital world. If you’re not online then you’re not on most peoples’ radar… and even if you are online, you have to move quickly if you want to keep their interest.

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Practical Uses: Monitoring Chemical Exposure

Wristbands have been synonymous with charity and event promotion for years, the first and most memorable of which arguably being Lance Armstrong’s Live Strong campaign. Custom silicone wristbands are the perfect way to get your cause or company noticed, so … Continue reading

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How to Choose a Promotional Item for Your Charity

Here at Silicone Wristbands Direct, we see a lot of people using our products to promote their charities – allowing people to wear their causes on their sleeves. Charity wristbands are a fantastic way to get the message out there, … Continue reading

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Why Consumers Love Wristbands

  How many people have you noticed walking down the main street with an arm ringed with coloured bands? Everybody’s wearing them, from teenagers to grandparents, and from your friendly neighbourhood postman to T.V celebrities. So what’s different about these … Continue reading

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