RFID Wristbands

What are RFID Wristbands and How Do They Work?

RFID in our RFID Wristbands stands for Radio Frequency Identification and is a new technology that is fast become part of everyday life. From tracking goods and people, to enable access and manage security and to making card payments even more convenient.

Basically, they are a unique identifier that can be used to transmit data anywhere, at any time. Having this technology in a Wristband is very handy, as it is always accessable and not floating around in the bottomnof a bag! It is also more secure as there is less chance of it be accidentally left behind somewhere.

NFC Wristbands use electromagnetic waves to automatically identify and track the wearer. Using advanced automatic identification and data capture techniques, these Wristbands are a fantastic option for gather important information to measure performance and activity.

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Multipurpose RFID Technology

Thanks to the ISO / IEC encryption that is programmed into the chip before being placed into a Silicone Wristband, the RFID wristband can safely secure stored data which is essential for over-the-air privacy and authentication purposes. The ISO / IEC encoding methods also provide a unique digital footprint, ensuring that issues with traditional barcodes such as ticket pass-backs, are a thing of the past.

RFID Wristbands for Sports

What can you use RFID Wristbands For?

So, the uses for NFC wristbands are endless! Some popular examples include:

  • For attendees of your event to easily access certain areas and facilities within the vicinity of your venue. The innovative RFID cloth wristbands reduce the need for additional staffing at your event as automatic access is provide to your guests by the Wristband. Take advantage of no longer needing guest lists and attendants on the doors letting guests in and out of the venue!
  • Wireless e-commerce payment methods as the wearer won’t only be able to pay for items in an instant, but they’ll also be less likely to lose an NFC cloth wristband over traditional payment methods.
  • In supply chain management – passive RFID systems have no internal power source and are powered by electromagnetic energy from the RFID reader which can be utilised. Active RFID use battery-power and broadcast their own signal, commonly used as beacons to accurately track the real-time location and offer longer read range than passive RFID systems.
  • Access and security at Music festivals. Access to the many different VIP and entertainment areas at festivals can be easily managed depending on how RFID technology is set -up. This avoids lengthy queues, reduces security personnel and makes for a much more simple and smooth running experience for the visitor.
  • Schools and school trips also commonly use these Wristbands in order to track and monitor large groups of pupils. As it can be difficult for staff to be aware of pupils whereabouts at all times, RFID technology enables them to monitor the location of the young people and check that they are safe. With the simple setup of check-in spots, RFID technology incorporated into our wristbands make for incredibly beneficial devices that can be kept on the wearer, making it less likely to be lost.
RFID Wristbands for Festivals

Fully Customisable RFID Wristbands for events

So why not benefit from the versitility of RFID Wristbands that can easily be tailored and personalised to display your branding and promote your key customers service message?

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