RFID Wristbands

RFID wristbands use electromagnetic waves to automatically identify and track the wearer. Using advanced automatic identification and data capture techniques, these wristbands are a fantastic option for a multitude of purposes.

Multipurpose RFID Technology

Thanks to the ISO / IEC encryption that is programmed into the chip before being placed into a silicone band, the RFID wristband can safely secure stored data which is essential for over-the-air privacy and authentication purposes. The ISO / IEC encoding methods also provide a unique digital footprint, ensuring that issues with traditional barcodes such as ticket pass-backs, are a thing of the past.
Due to this, these wristbands are multipurpose. Purchase yours today for an ideal way for attendees of your event to easily access certain areas and facilities within the vicinity of your venue. These chips are also ideal for wireless commerce payment methods as the wearer won’t only be able to pay for items in an instant, but they’ll also be less likely to lose an RFID wristband over traditional payment methods.
The possibilities and scope of what RFID wristbands are capable of is endless, and is sure to become a truly integral part for any occasion you have in mind for them. 

Fully Customisable

Benefit from purchasing RFID wristbands that are fully customisable. Tailor your wristband to suit your own individual requirements, with various finishes available, such as un-printed, printed, segmented and filled textures.

Take advantage of our online band builder, where you will be able to choose from a wide array of colours and sizing options, as well as any text you would like to have your batch of RFID wristbands.

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