Vape Bands Printed 1 Colour

Debossed or Embossed vape bands.

Sizes available

65mm 70mm 74mm 75mm x 12mm x 2mm


Quantity Pricing is ex vat & Delivery is free to 1 UK address.
500 £140
1000 £195
3000 £626
5000 £825
10,000 £1120
Lead time is 10 working days from approval of artwork
Call now 01542 848 382 for quotes on other quantities or any other enquiry


Protect your ecig device using our vape bands- the newest must-have accessory for all vapers up and down the country.


At Silicone Wristbands Direct, we understand how important protecting and maintaining your device is, especially if your e-cig has a glass tank. These tanks can be extremely fragile and can break easily, spilling out e-liquid onto your surroundings.


With our custom vape bands, you can keep your tank safe against breakage while adding a stylish accessory to your e-cig device.


Invest in Your E-cig’s Future with a Vape Band


Glass tanks are extremely common components with modern e-cigs, especially with those users who prefer to inhale specific flavours such as banana, cinnamon and citrus. This is because some flavours contain natural acids which have been known to react with plastic tanks, causing them to become damaged and unusable.


With a glass tank, any flavour can be enjoyed, but the danger of tank breakage remains if the device is dropped or unscrewed incorrectly.


Our vape bands are ideal additions to any e-cig shops as a unique way to advertise their brand while protecting customers’ tanks from damage. They are an attractive and essential addition to any vaper’s kit, so why not benefit from their unique talking point by branding your vape bands and generating more interest in your company through your customers?


What’s more, you can personalise them to display your brand’s name for additional advertising when vaping to your heart’s content! They create a fantastic talking point due to their uniqueness!


Contact Us to Create Your Custom Vape Band


We understand that not everyone will want to have the same accessories as everyone else for their e-cigarette device, which is why we have our very own custom vape band products on offer.


Create your own personalised vape bands for your brand to attach to your device to make you stand out from the crowd, while protecting it at the same time.


To find out more information about our vape bands, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team today by calling 01524 848382 during the day or 0845 689 0288 in the evening and we will be delighted to help you with your order.